07 December 2010

When Are California Property Taxes Due?

And the answer is....this Friday, December 10.

California property taxes are generally due on December 10th and April 10th. The penalty for a late property tax payment is 10%.

California property taxes are due on the same dates for all secured property owners in California. Property taxes are split into two payments that are due on the 1st of November and 1st of March of each year. However, most people pay them on the day before they officially become delinquent, which is the 10th of December (for the November 1st due date) and the 10th of April (for the February 1st due date). Some counties may impose a 5pm time deadline as well, so it is best not to wait for the very last minute. Due to the stiff penalties for late California property tax payments, it is important to make sure California property tax due dates are met.
California Property Tax Due Date Earlier Than IRS and FTB Income Tax Due Date
Keep in mind that the April 10th due date is five days before income taxes are due for most taxpayers. This means it is a very bad idea to pay income taxes and property taxes at the same time on April 15th, because the property taxes would then be late. If it's necessary to pay both taxes at the same time, pay them by the 10th of April instead.

Article courtesy John Wu, December 3, 2010

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